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Song TitleArtistAlbum
Because I Want You Placebo Meds
Blind Placebo Meds
Broken Promise Placebo Meds
Drag Placebo Meds
Follow The Cops Back Home Placebo Meds
In The Cold Light Of Day Placebo Meds
Infra-Red Placebo Meds
Meds Placebo Meds
One Of A Kind Placebo Meds
Pierrot The Clown Placebo Meds
Post Blue Placebo Meds
Song To Say Goodbye Placebo Meds
Space Monkey Placebo Meds
36 Degrees Placebo Placebo
Bionic Placebo Placebo
Bruise Pristine Placebo Placebo
Come Home Placebo Placebo
Hang on to Your IQ Placebo Placebo
I Know Placebo Placebo
Lady of the Flowers Placebo Placebo
Nancy Boy Placebo Placebo
Swallow Placebo Placebo
Teenage Angst Placebo Placebo
Bulletproof Cupid Placebo Sleeping With Ghosts
Centerfolds Placebo Sleeping With Ghosts
English Summer Rain Placebo Sleeping With Ghosts
I'll Be Yours Placebo Sleeping With Ghosts
Plasticine Placebo Sleeping With Ghosts
Protect Me From What I Want Placebo Sleeping With Ghosts
Second Sight Placebo Sleeping With Ghosts

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